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        Welcome to Shuangdun Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. ! 中文版         ENGLISH
        Shuangdun Environment Technology Co., Ltd.Shuangdun Environment Technology Co., Ltd.
        main products:Power industry: wet electrostatic precipitator, the rule of the industry: conductive FRP wet electrostatic precipitator, exhaust gas...
        Shuangdun Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (original Yiixng Complete Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.) was restructured in 1992. It is general contractor enterprise of environmental device and complete chemical device appointed by the original Ministry of Chemical Industry. At present, the company mainly engages in engineering project contracting (EPC) of clean emission, flue gas desulfurization, sulfuric acid from flue gas, smelting by wet method, pressure vessel manufacturing, sewage treatment, and in designing, manufacturing, installing and debugging special equipment. Our main products including honeycombed electric mist precipitator for conductive FRP with proprietary intellectual property rights, new-model fourth generation SDD-CF wet electrical dust precipitator, complete sulfuric acid production device from flue gas (efficient washer, isothermal pre-reforming...More>>>
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        Power Industry
        SDD-CF wet electrical dust...
        (It has design, manufacturing...

        Flue gas desulfurization techn...
        Approximate sewage-free em...
        FRP chimney
        Chemical Metallurgical Industry
        Electric mist precipitator for...
        SSD-CF conductive FRP wet...
        Flue gas desulphurization tech...
        Efficient flue gas purificatio...
        Flue isothermal transformation...
        Flue gas heat exchanger techn...
        Pyrite complete sets of equip...
        Complex two-stage roasting g...
        Cell technology
        Cell technology
        Blast cooling tower techno...
        FRP equipment, pipeline tech...
        Professional design
        Shuangdun is a national high-tech enterprise with national macromolecular composite material engineering center and Jiangsu research center of electrical dust precipitator technology by wet method. It is one of the earliest and the strongest manufacturers of wet electrical dust precipitator in China.


        Frist-class production
        Shuangdun has the only wet electrical dust precipitator engineering center, efficient scrubber inspection platform, raw material testing center, and FRP high-temperature curing station. It owns FRP automatic floor type lathe, CNC machining center, light and weight steel production line, automatic welding production line, multifunctional welding manipulator, and multi-functional edge milling machine.


        International advanced
        Our conductive FRP wet electrical dust precipitator has been developed to the fourth generation SDD-CF product with complete proprietary intellectual property rights, 51 national technical patents (13 are invention patents). Our wet electrical dust precipitators are widely used in electricity, non-ferrous metal, chemical and other industries for features such as high efficiency, outstanding corrosion resistance, and long service life.
        @yxhgct.com password:
        ADD: 105, Luyuan Rd., Huanke Park, Yixing City
        TEL: +86-510-87561308
        Technical service: +86-510-87568604

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